Photos of Yours Truly

Here I am helping to paint my dad's house in the Gold Country.
Here I am laughing at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Winter Fest.
Here's me with my Uncle Victor from Long Island.
A photo of me in front of The Stinking Rose restaurant in San Francisco.
This one's from a few years ago; I'm working on an outhouse out back of the cabin I was living in with my then-girlfriend Meryl, in the woods of mid-coast maine.
This one was taken at a cafe in Santa Cruz, California, around the time of the Loma Prieta earthquake. This was during my attempt to have a misspent youth. The girl who took this picture gained some notoriety when her pierced nipple appeared on the cover of the UC Santa Cruz newspaper, which featured an article on the piercing culture in Santa Cruz.
Here's a picture of me shortly before I cut my hair (I do MISS that hair).
I'd always wondered what I would look like with no hair. So, one day before I was about to take a long vacation through Asia, I shaved my head clean. Here I am looking very strange.